One Greek Store in the Media

With very humble beginnings from a group of ambitous college students, the story of One Greek Store has been featured throughout the media. Take a look at some articles and videos about OGS!

Entering the Paddle Battle is easy and free. Simply log into Facebook and visit One Greek Store’s Facebook page. Or, visit One Greek Store’s website and click on the “Paddle Battle” banner on the homepage. Contestants must simply submit an image of their decorated paddles and provide an email address for notification should their paddle be voted as one of the top 3 winners. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and contestants should encouraged fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters as well as other friends to vote. Tran emphasizes the importance of voting. “Last year’s winner took home a big prize package but won by a very slim margin in the overall voting” Read More...

"Although many of us have thought about starting a small business, significantly less actually take the plunge. So when I read on Dennis’ Young Money Blog back in July that he had opened up his own custom Greek Apparel store, I was intrigued and have been following his adventures on and off since. Fast forward to today, and he’s..." Jonathan at My Money Blog


"This next interview comes to us from Dennis, founder of Dennis reveals how he got started in business, what he’s currently working on, and offers some great advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs..." By: Rohail Rizvi


"Meet Dennis. He was the former president of the Asian Youth Group at his high school and from there founded the Asian American greek Interest Group at the University of Florida..." By: Cambodian Alliance for the Arts


"Dennis is the founder of OneGreek Store an online fraternity and sorority paraphernalia website. As apart of a member of an Asian-American fraternity, he saw that there was a lack of websites that were targeted towards Asian-American, Latino and Hispanic, and multicultural Greek organizations, he decided..." By: Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida


"Started in summer 2006, One Greek Store was created by three UF students. Now that the founders have graduated and the company has realized some growth, One Greek Store has undergone significant changes in the past year. Since they last spoke with UF SIFE..." By: Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida


"Founded, a mostly online custom apparel store that targets multicultural fraternity and sorority members. He and co-founders Nick and Tony, both 22, are seniors at the University of Florida. They started the business last June with..." from "Aiming High - 14 young Floridians who are already experienced businespeople" By: Florida Trend Magazine


"I recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Dennis over at YoungMoneyBlog about his up-and-coming E-commerce business, One Greek Store. Dennis is a 22 year..." By: Net Business Blog